The Spring In Micro Switch?

- May 25, 2020-

The spring is an important part of the micro switch. Its principle is to apply pressure to the switch operating direction when the condition of the operating force is met to close the switch. When the pressure is removed, the switch is turned off, and its internal structure relies on the change of the force of the metal dome to realize the switching of the circuit.


At present, the micro switch can be divided into stainless steel spring and ordinary spring according to the material, and can be divided into square spring and round spring according to the shape. Since the quality of the spring will directly affect the normal use of the micro switch, the spring needs to undergo aging test, salt spray test and other tests to ensure that it is not easy to be rusted and aging.

micro switch


The spring is an important part of the micro switch to realize the circuit on and off, so the quality of the switch spring must be paid great attention, otherwise it will easily affect the use of the micro switch.


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