The Function Of The Contact Grease Of The Micro Switch

- Dec 22, 2020-

In the various contacts of electronic products and electrical products, lubricants can play a role in protection, reduction of wear, arc suppression, and extension of service life. electrical lubricants are specially designed for electronic contacts, electrical switches, and motors. Special lubricants designed for electronic and electrical products such as commutators and brushes, electrical connection boards and electronic plug-in components.


Performance advantages of automotive switch contact grease:

1. Improve the electrical conductivity of electrical switches, protect contacts and prolong service life;

2. Has a good arc extinguishing protection;

3. Excellent resistance to wear, abrasion, oxidation, combustion, and corrosion;

4. Excellent switch lubrication ability makes it have a smooth and low-noise operation feeling.


Switch contact grease can effectively improve the lubrication state of each friction surface of the switch, reduce the generation of arcs, effectively protect the car switch, extend the service life of the switch, maintain the switch performance, and increase the switch operation feel. It can play an important role.

The Function of the Contact Grease of the Micro Switch


There are many types of electronic appliances, both traditional and old products, and there are constantly emerging new products. It is widely used in various fields such as hardware chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, transportation, household appliances and daily life. The development of electronics and electrical appliances industry has continuously brought about new technological reforms, which have contributed to improving people's quality of life.


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