Sealed Waterproof Micro Switch Of Greetech China

- Jun 21, 2017-

As a traditional micro switch factory with more than 2 decades history, Greetech Electronics is capable of producing various micro switch series. Waterproof micro switch specially, is what Greetech Electronics good at. 

Waterproof micro switch roller lever

Within 3 months, we researched and developed more than 15 new models sealed waterproof micro switch. These micro switches are with different electrical ratings, Shape & Design, using different terminal styles and levers. To meet different requirements from clients, Greetech is trying to develop new models constantly. Sealed waterproof  micro switch now is widely applied in home appliance and motor control, and it is keeping the momentum of growth. 

Waterproof micro switch straight lever

Greetech would like to cooperate Electronics manufacturer overseas with reasonal price & sincere service.

Waterproof Micro Switch Manufacturer

Micro Switch without lever

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