Micro Switch Welding Skills

- Dec 24, 2020-

How to weld the micro switch? Greetech Electronics will explain some welding skills to you next.


1. The wave soldering of the pins has the advantages of low price, time and effort. Disadvantages: As current components become smaller and PCBs become denser, the possibility of bridging and short-circuiting between solder joints has increased.


2. The manual welding of the micro switch has the advantage of accurately grasping the welding of each component, but the disadvantage is that it is too time-consuming and labor-intensive.


3.SMD reflow soldering. The advantage of this process is that the temperature is easy to control, oxidation can be avoided during the soldering process, and the manufacturing cost is easier to control. The disadvantage of the small micro switch is that the solder sag will also occur during the soldering heating process.


This situation occurs in both preheating and main heating. When the preheating temperature is in the range of tens to 100, it is one of the components in the solder. The solvent will reduce the viscosity and flow out. If the flow out tends to be strong, it will simultaneously squeeze the solder particles out of the gold-containing particles outside the welding area, and if they cannot return to the welding area during melting, it will also form retention Solder balls.

Micro Switch Welding Skills


Because of its small size, multiple gears, and a good sense of uniformity in the dial force, it has been widely used in many fields such as household appliances. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, these household appliances are being upgraded faster and faster, and the number of their needs will become larger and larger. This is also the direction of the greatest potential for us to be optimistic about its development prospects.


Due to the increasing demand for small micro switches, Greetech Electronics has become more and more strict on the production quantity and quality. It pays attention to quantity and guarantees good quality. It also provides good prices and after-sales service. .


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