Mechanical Switch And Ultra-thin Notebook

- Jan 13, 2018 -

As science & technology develops, computer is gradually updating its shape whatever in its size or dimension. And then, the notebook has appeared and the notebook has developed on the direction of being ultra-thin. As such, the mechanical switch has to follow this trend and make the change.

Mechanical keyboard switch as the main component of notebook keyboard, their working cycles are directly related to computer keyboard or notebook life. How does mechanical switch work ?  There are details as followed:

Pressing the keycap, the switch will be coming down and send the signal or information to the computer system, related information will come out on the screen. While when the force is released, the switch will recover to the original status. When people use the computer to input the information, you will hear the” clip, clip, clip”, that is because the mechanical keyboard switch is working.

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Huizhou Greetech Electronics now has developed a new model super ultrathin keyboard switch with 1.6mm travel only for notebook application.If you show interest towards our factory and profile, welcome to login in our website:

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