Look Closely At The Parameters Of Micro Switch

- Jul 17, 2019-

The small micro switch has a patch type and a height of only 0.8 mm, so it is an ultra-thin patch type tact switch. Its ultra-thin characteristics determine that it is suitable for high-density installation. 2.LED high insulation resistance type tact switch circuit has LED, and its insulation resistance is greater than 1000MΩ, so it is LED high insulation resistance type tact switch. Widely used in digital audio and video.

miniature micro switch

The surface shape is square and the actuator is of the standard type on the top surface, so it is an equilateral standard tact switch. There are many kinds of such tact switches, 

such as: 6.0*6.0, 12.0*12.0, 6.2*6.2, 5.2*5.2, 4.9*4.9, 7.2*7.2, etc. 

They are suitable for a variety of operation panels and have a wide range of applications.


miniature micro switch

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