Unionwell & Greetech Successfully Jointly Developed ATEX Proof Refrigerator Door Switches

- Feb 27, 2020-

Innovation is the primary driving force for development! 

Warm congratulations to Unionwell & Greetech Electronics for taking the first step in the core supply chain of refrigeration appliances! Unionwell & Greetech jointly developed the ATEX proof refrigerator door switch.


The refrigerator door switch has been widely used as a basic and indispensable control element for the door light control of refrigerators.


At present, the protection level of refrigerator door switches on the market can only reach IP54, and it cannot meet the requirements of n-type explosion-proof for components with contacts.

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According to the market demand, Unionwell & Greetech Electronics focuses on technical research, through innovative thinking, relies on strong research and development strength, after verification of multiple innovative design solutions, we make breakthrough progress in one fell swoop, and finally overcome the technical difficulties and develop the market urgently demand product that is the world's first patented product: the fully sealed refrigerator door switch SWD series, this product is cleverly designed to meet the IP67 level waterproof and dustproof requirements, and has passed the rigorous certification test of the n-type explosion-proof level, bringing customers high quality products who truly meet the requirements of explosion-proof certification!


SWD Door Switch Ordering Instruction

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