Greetech Electronics Waterproof Micro Switch

- Jul 19, 2017-

Huizhou Greetech Electronics as a micro switch factory, covering all series micro switches manufacturing, including basic micro switch, subminiature sealed micro switch, slide switch, mechanical keyboard switch, door switch etc. Waterproof micro switch as our core competitive products, are well-received globally for our more competitive price and trustable quality. Until now, clients fromAmerica, EU, Asia showcase great interest towards this kind series switch and highly comment on it.


Greetech G5 series waterproof micro switch, with the features of being waterproof and dustproof, widely used in auto, agricultural equipment, home appliance and office equipment, and max approved current 10A at ENEC/UL. It’s believed this kind of micro switch in future will enjoy greater market share in near future for its reasonable price and trustable quality.


Basic micro switch sealed waterproof.jpg

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