G9 Sealed Mini Micro Switch For Medical Equipment

- May 26, 2020-

Medical equipment often requires a long service life, and it is important that all equipment components can support the normal operation of the entire life cycle, or can provide replacement parts when needed.


This is especially important because the components usually have to withstand harsh conditions, such as exposure to liquids, violent impact, or simple operations such as the doctor pressing the button hard as described above. The ideal state is that the life cycles of the switches and components of these medical devices are much longer than those of the medical devices themselves, so that they can withstand these harsh conditions.

 waterproof micro switch (2)

G9 Sealed Mini Micro Switch:


-Designed for water and dust tight(IP67)


-Small compact size


-Global safety approvals


-Long life and high reliability


-Variety of Terminals and levers


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