Do You Have A Micro Switch That Is Not Working

- Jan 30, 2021-

Indeed, most equipment and electrical appliances cannot be done without micro switches. The reason is easy to understand. This is because these switches may be one of the most flexible in functionality compared to other forms of switches you must encounter. You will find it in countless devices and devices. They are not only used to open and close such systems. In addition, they also have the ability to sense or detect changes that may occur in the device.

Based on all these benefits, it is possible that the micro switch cannot work as expected. This is a problem that most people usually feel frustrated with. They have been guessing what might be wrong with the micro switch. The truth is not as complicated as you think.

Does your micro switch not work? Do you know that there are many reasons for failures? This article will explain some of the faults you need to pay attention to in the micro switch.

Poor condition

This is completely different from whether the quality of the micro switch is inferior. Did you know that micro switches can be of high quality, but they still don’t work as expected? You may be wondering why this happens. For example, if the terminals of the micro switch are covered with dust, it is likely to affect the contact between the equipment or equipment components.

This is one of the reasons why you will see devices failing constantly. Another reason is that the correct equipment/tools were not used during the connection. For example, when the wire should be soldered to the terminal.

Connection error

Do you know of a way to connect the micro switch? Do you know that this will affect its functionality? Most people don't understand how the micro switch is connected. I believe there is no special way to connect these switches. This is wrong. Just like any other switch, they have a specific connection method. For example, you need to understand how to connect wires between the positive and negative poles in order to use this type of switch effectively.

It is recommended that you check how to perform this operation correctly before attempting any connection. The reason for this is that the wrong connection will shorten the life of the device or equipment. This is because the current will be abnormal, thereby affecting its function in many ways.

Don't make the mistake of connecting such switches without any knowledge about how to operate. This is because you may end up damaging the device or the device beyond repair. Of course, this may mean spending money on repairs. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you hire professionals who understand the connection of micro switches to provide services. This is one of the most assured ways to make it work as expected.

Do you have a micro switch that is not working

Low quality switch

If you don't know, micro switches usually have different qualities. This may be one of the reasons why some devices cannot operate as expected. The construction of the terminal switch is a sign of a low-quality switch. Some terminals are not strong enough to withstand pressure. These will collapse over time. In addition, some switches have poor structure. In this case, the micro switch contacts hardly respond at any time expected. It may sound simple, but it can determine when your device is running.

The quality of any micro switch you buy is important. This is because when it is very low, it will disappoint. Although there are several ways to solve this problem. For example, make sure to always check reviews before deciding to buy from the store. If the customer is using and giving up positive feedback, then this kind of micro switch is likely to be good.

In addition, please try to ask the seller some sensitive questions to ensure that you get the correct product. This may be the life cycle of the micro switch. Anyone with a life cycle of less than 5,000 should avoid it. This is because it cannot stand the test of time.

Depreciation factor

Micro switches may be one of the most durable switches among other switches. Once installed, their potential or capabilities will last for several years without any problems. However, it is important to note that just like any other switch installed in the device, it is also susceptible to wear. Once this happens, it will most likely not work as expected again. Sometimes, you may encounter some violations and inconsistencies in functionality.

The cycle of the micro switch is about 5 million times. Through the cycle, we only express the number of times we want the micro switch to bounce back and forth. In other words, it can be regarded as the time when the switch can change the contact position to provide or stop the flow of current. Some cycles are 500,000 – 1,000,000.

It all depends on the type of micro switch you use in electrical equipment or appliances. This is because if you use fewer cycles, it means that it may stop working after a period of time. On the other hand, a micro switch that has been designed to have millions of cycles hardly stops working.

Therefore based on the above, it is obvious that there are various problems that can be responsible for your micro switch not working as expected. If you can correct all of these, there is every reason to believe that your micro switch will be functioning 100% without any disappointment.

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