Causes And Solutions Of Poor Contact Of Micro Switch

- Mar 18, 2020-

Micro switches are widely applicated electrical components. Because of their sensitive characteristics and complex usage scenarios, poor contact may occur. If this happens, what should we do? The following situations are for your reference:


Cause 1: A lot of garbage or dust is attached to the micro switch.

Solution 1: Put the switch in the box or use a sealed switch.

Reason 2: the influence of corrosive gas in the environment, or the insulating cover film layer on the contact surface due to the switch in the low load area.

Solution 2: Replace the switch with a contact material (gold, alloy, etc.) with good environmental adaptability.

Reason 3: Solvent immersed in solder.

Solution 3: To correct the solder, use a switch that does not immerse the flux.

 mini micro switch


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