Can Basic Micro Switch Applicated In Elevators

- Feb 27, 2021-

Can basic micro switches be used in elevators?

Elevators are also called lift and can be found in multi-storey buildings. They are systems that have transported passengers from one floor to another in such a building. They are not trying to manually walk from one floor to another, but to automate the process there to ensure that people are not stressed. They always have a function that needs to be activated or a button that the role needs to press. It should be noted that the elevator not only carries people. Conversely, freight (cargo) can also be transported within each floor. As time goes by, this technology seems to get better and better.

The first thing you need to remember about elevator systems is that they always have buttons and door lock systems. This means that with the click of a few buttons, they can start working as expected. When it comes to microswitches that make elevators work, it's like the brain behind these functions (door locks and buttons). In short, the micro switch is used to power the elevator door lock. They can also be used as buttons to activate certain functions or roles.


How does this work?

Over the years, elevators have been used in large organizations with different offices. The problem is that most people don't even understand how their functionality is built, let alone any of its components. The fact is that these applications have successfully helped people to automate or facilitate the people on each floor of the building. Without its existence, this would be impossible. Of course, if you have an elevator, then there is no doubt that you must be interested in understanding how the elevator works?

One of the most critical components of an elevator is the micro switch. Despite its small scale, its function and role can hardly be overemphasized or ignored in any way. You don't need to worry, because this article will ensure a detailed explanation of this situation. It will reveal how the micro switch works in the elevator system.

For the first time, you will have an in-depth understanding of how to build these heavy applications to make them work. The advantage of this kind of knowledge is that it will help you know how to repair the elevator in certain areas that seem to be problematic. You will soon discover that this is one of the easiest elevator topics to understand.


How does the basic micro switch work in this system?

The size of the micro switch is very small. However, you might be wondering that it plays a vital role in ensuring that the elevator system works as expected. For example, these switches are known to be used as sensors or detectors. Thus, we only mean the ability to detect changes in the elevator system and activate certain functions. For example, when someone enters the elevator, he will be taken to a specific floor in a multi-storey building. Once he gets there, there is no need to press any more buttons, because the door will open and let him out.


This is the function of the micro switch at work. It detects or senses when it reaches the floor. Therefore, it is responsible for opening and closing the doors of such elevators. In other words, the micro switch will automatically open the elevator door. All this can be done by pressing a few buttons. If the sensor is not activated, it will always be difficult to tell whether you have reached the destination on that floor.

This is because when the button is pressed to indicate the floor you want to go to, it is responsible for checking whether the floor has been reached.


Micro switch button function

In addition to acting as a sensor or detector in an elevator, the micro switch can also be used as its button. They are responsible for sending the correct signals to other components, thus helping to power the elevator system. For example, when you go to a specific floor in the building via an elevator, some buttons will be pressed.

This is used to specify the specific floor you want to go to. The button is powered by a micro switch. It is responsible for sending current signals to various parts to help the elevator system work as expected. Whenever the elevator buttons do not work as expected, know that one or the other of the micro switch has failed.

When the elevator button does not work properly, it is always the first component to be checked. This is because in addition to acting as a sensor, it can also help buttons function as expected.


How does this actually happen?

When it comes to knowing how a micro switch works within an elevator system, most people are usually confused. This is not difficult to understand in any way as you will soon find out below. 

These switches can either maintain open or closed contact position at different periods of time. When the contacts are closed, current can be allowed to flow through the various parts of such elevator system thereby powering it. As soon as you press the buttons and the system starts working, know that the contacts are closed. 

On the other hand, once the elevator is not working, it means current is not flowing to its various components. This is an open contact or resting state. It is the default state that elevators usually maintain before their buttons are pressed. 


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