Built-in Resistance Micro Switch-G303 Series

- Mar 21, 2020-

 When the traditional waterproof switch is connected to a PCB electronic circuit, a resistor needs to be soldered on an external PCB board to enable the switch to output signals of different resistance values when it is on . However, soldering the resistor to an external PCB board increases the volume of electronic products, the installation of electronic components on the PCB board is more tedious, and the external PCB board part must be protected to IP67, which has a more complex structure and high cost .


 Built-in Resistance Micro Switch




  Through ingenious design and repeated demonstrations by professional electronic engineers, our company has successfully developed a small build-in resistor PCB board based on G303 series structure,  The output resistance signal, its resistance and power can be customized according to the requirements of customers.


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