Basic Waterproof Micro Switch Simulated Roller Lever

Basic Waterproof Micro Switch Simulated Roller Lever

Model Number: waterproof micro switch G5W11-EP200A04-W1, Terminal:quick connect terminals, Circuit code: SPST-NO, Lever type: roller lever, Company assurance system: ISO9001 & IATF16949 & ISO14001

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Huizhou Greetech Electronics is a electronic switches factory, manufacturer and supplier focusing on various micro switches design and manufacturing.

Equipped with Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co.,Ltd  Place of Origin: Guangdong,China(Mainland),Brand Name: ZING EAR, Model Number: waterproof micro switch  G5W11-EP200A04-W1


Quick Details     

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: ZING EAR

Model Number: waterproof micro switch  G5W11-EP200A04-W1

Terminal:quick connect terminals

Circuit code: SPST-NO

Lever type: roller lever

Company assurance system: ISO9001 & IATF16949 

Application: Electronic Devices, Electric Tooth Brush,Automatic Equipment,Auto Electronics, Agriculture Equipment,Home Appliance,Office Equipment





ENEC: 0.1A 48VDC, 0.1A 125/250VAC,40T85,5E4,u UL:0.1A 48VDC,0.1A 125/250VAC,T85


ENEC: 5A 125/250VAC,5A, 30VDC,40T85,5E4, u UL:5A 125/250VAC,T85


ENEC:10(2)A 125/250VAC, 0.5A 125VDC, 0.25A 250VDC,40T85,u,2E4 UL:10.1A 1/10HP 125/250VAC,0.5A 125VDC, 0.25A 250VDC, T85

Operating Frequency


10~30  times/min



Contact Resistance(initial value)

with terminal


with wire

100mΩ Max(Depends on the length of the wire)

Insulation resistance

at 500VDC,100MΩ Min.

Dielectric Strength

Between terminals

AC 1000V 50-60Hz 1min

Between terminals and housing

AC 1500V 50-60Hz 1min

Storage Temperature


Storage Humidity

85%RH Max

Protection grade

With terminal

IEC IP67(Terminal not included)

With wire


Electric-shock safeguard grade

Class I





2E4~10E4 cycles(depends on P/NS)


over 1000,000cycles(60cycles/min)


Approx.7g(with terminal and without lever)


-Designed for water and dust tight(IP67)

-Tight Structure, Small Contact Gap Snap Action, High Sensitivity

-Global safety approvals

-Long life and High Precision and Reliability

-Variety of levers

-Widely used in Automotive Electronics, Appliance and Industrial Control etc.

-Max Approved Current is 10A

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Q1.Do you manufacture mobile phone connectors?

A: Yes. Mobile phone connectors are important part of our business field.


Q2.Do you manufacture door switch?

A: Yes, we also manufacture door switch if client need it.


Q3.Do you manufacture other switches besides of micro switch?

A: Yes. We also produce keyboard switch, mobile phone connectors, air pressure switch, detector switch and encoder etc.

Q4. How many employees in your factory?

A: There are 800 employees at present in our factory.


Q5. How many engineers in your R&D department?

A: Around 60 engineers in R&D department, half of them own more than 10 years micro switch experience.


Q6. Can you offer good price for high quality micro switch?

A: Yes, we can. Our price is reasonable and we are making good micro switches.


Huizhou Greetech Electronics now trying to perfect the micro switch quality and strengthen the capability of quality control. If you want to know more details about micro switch, welcome to contact us at 

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